The Dons Hosts the Rocky’s Road Kids

Rocky's Road Kids at The Dons Pizza

The following is a reprint of an article from Rocky’s Road, a mentoring program co-founded by pro football linebacker Rocky McIntosh.

On May 19th, we were the guests of The Don’s Brick Oven Pizza in Sterling, Va. Our focus for this month’s field trip was healthy eating. It took some time to find a kitchen that could accommodate everyone in Rocky’s Road but luckily owner, Waleed Zarou stepped up to the plate. Zarou who is a great guy, fellow christian, and married father of three was more than happy to help us with some healthy pizza preparation. The students arrived just on time as we had plenty of learning, work, and eating to do. They were split up into 4 groups and sent to various stations: pizza making, table manners and etiquette, dough tossing, and face painting/animal balloon making (we had to throw this good old fashioned fun in:).

Rocky spent most of his time running from station to station cheering, taking pictures/video, and doing a little eating on the side. The students were involved in every aspect of preparing the pizza. They saw how dough was made and rolled it out themselves. Next the cut was made for the crust and then it was time for the toppings. They threw on some veggies such as mushrooms and other toppings like olives and pineapple. Finally 3-4 minutes after they popped it into the oven Presto! The pizza was made. It was a great day all around for everyone that participated. The students learned about to make better food choices and had a fantastic time as well. So how good was the pizza? Don’t take our word for it! Check out the pictures to see what everyone thought!!!

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