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Juliana Zarou works with pizza dough
Juliana Zarou works with pizza dough

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At Don Corleones brick oven pizza, owner Waleed Zarou is passing on the family secrets. His daughter, eight year old Juliana, is a budding dough-twirling superstar. “How good is she? She’s pretty good,” says her father. Obviously an understatement if you saw this little girl spin the dough.

The dough they toss is actually a rubber disc, or as they call it, a throw disk. But anyone who?s tried it for the first time will tell you it’s a lot harder than it looks. “I just kept practicing and practicing and got better at it,” says Juliana.

Juliana has only been practicing since she was about four months ago. That was when her dad heard about the national pizza dough spinning competition and found there was a junior division, but;

“There’s never been a female contestant in the history of the event,” says Waleed. “That got my attention knowing that I got three little girl.”

Juliana has worked up a routine for the competition. Right now, she practices doing it for her friends. She’ll do it for the judges later this week in Orlando and though this is her first national competition; she’s insists she is not afraid.

“I have a lot people rooting for me and I know my family is going to be there. So I’m not going to be scared.” Of course Waleed Zarou says he’ll be very proud of his little girl regardless of how she does at the contest. Above all, he wants her to have fun.

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