The Dons’ Featured in Loudoun Independent’s Dinner & A Show

Loudoun Independent Dinner & A Show

By John L. Geddie, Loudoun Independent
Original Article – February 4, 2010

Walking into Don’s is a bit like walking into a New York pizzeria—and not just because of the huge cityscape poster directly above you. Sneaking in to grab a couple pizza pies on a Sunday afternoon, I was welcomed by a casual atmosphere and a friendly staff. And there’s always a bonus for any establishment with their own Italian market, including Italian coffee, pasta, sauces and sodas.

To start off, let me recommend a slightly different appetizer, the oven roasted olives—four varieties, cured and served with breadsticks. Even if you don’t eat them, the smell alone is worth it.

It’s sometimes difficult to gauge pizza (a pie is a pie some will say), but I jumped in with both feet, ordering two intriguing pizzas from the menu, although there is a certainly a “make it your way” option. The Sicilian Hit was a hit with me—sausage, pepperoni, think slices of meatballs, ham, four kinds of cheeses, basil and oregano. To contrast, I also ordered The Lucky Luciano—with roasted chicken, mushrooms, red peppers. Both were a dream. If there’s a criticism, sometimes, the toppings were so thick that it was too heavy for the slice. It’s a good problem to have.

For those non-pizza lovers (who’ve followed a friend into the store), Don’s also offers salads, calzones, stromboli and hoagies. True to the pizza parlor tradition, there’s also a dessert display with a wide variety of cakes and cannoli. Don’t tell the Italian Anti-Defamation League, but The Don may have a pizza you can’t refuse.

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