Lost Wallet, Honest Employees

On Monday night, July 30th my family and I had a couple of pizzas at your restaurant. Both pizzas were excellent and more than enough of a reason to go back again if I ever get back to Sterling, VA.

However, the reason for this message is to personally thank your three employees who closed the building that night. After eating your pizza, we went next door to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream. As there were 7 of us, there wasn’t enough seating at Ben & Jerry’s so we sat on your tables outside eating our ice cream. As it was around 9:30 by now, your pizzeria was closed and your employees were busy cleaning up inside.

After eating our ice cream, we drove back to our hotel, the Fairfield Inn near Dulles Airport. It was only after getting back to out hotel that I noticed my wallet was missing. I drove back to the shopping plaza but most everything was closed. We searched around looking in trash bins and dumpsters hoping against hope that we might find my wallet. Tired and depressed, I drove back to my hotel. Convinced the wallet was lost, I spent the next hour canceling credit cards and bank cards. However, in the back of my mind, I was hoping your employees may have found it.

On Tuesday, I called in around 10:45, inquired about my wallet and learned that they indeed had found it and it was being kept for me. I retrieved it later in the day, and discovered the wallet was intact. Nothing was missing. In my gratitude I left a $60 reward for your three employees.

I just want to thank them again and to tell you what outstanding employees you have. There are far too many uncaring people in this world and we sometimes get a little jaded by all of it. Your employees with their honesty reminded me that there are still good people out there.

Thank You,

Ron Young
Providence, RI

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