Kedric Golston Pizza Results

By Dan Steinberg, Washington Post
Original Article – October 2, 2007

In the interest of tying up loose ends….

Kedric Golston and his team of “Pros” won the celebrity pizza eating contest Sunday at Don Corleone’s. By one slice. Professional eater Ian “The Invader” Hickman carried the team of pros, downing 32 slices, according to enthusiastic Don Corleone’s owner Waleed R. Zarou.

But Golston held his own, putting away 14 slices of pizza in 10 minutes (remember, they were double-cut, so that means he ate about 87 percent of one pie).

“He pushed himself to the limit,” Waleed told me. “He’s such a team player, he didn’t want to be the one to let his team down. That’s just so ingrained in him….I think he was glad to be done. He was concerned about going back to work the next day, all those extra carbs, but he just went for it. A true sport.”

(The third Pro, boxer Jimmy Lange, had six slices and then pledged never to eat Don Corleone’s again. Waleed told him he would be dreaming of his pizza in the middle of his training. The Joes had two teams, one with five people and the other with six, several of whom were getting themselves all fired up before the contest, determined to beat the Pros.)

“It was tremendous. It was amazing,” Waleed said. “Ian, he smoked about a 19-inch pizza in the first two minutes. I’ve never seen anything like that, it was almost like gagging.”

Wonder if Hickman can play wide receiver.

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