Gluten-Free Pizza Now at The Dons

PLEASE NOTE, The Dons no longer uses Still Riding, but has switched to Glutine Senza crusts.  Please visit our gluten free pizza description for more information.Gluten-Free Pizza

The Dons’ Wood-Fired Pizza is now working with Still Riding Pizza to offer a brick oven gluten-free pizza. Here is the official information from Still Riding Pizza.

You are on a gluten or wheat free diet and you feel great, but let’s be honest, how much do you miss being able to eat real pizza from a pizza parlor?

Maybe it’s the fun and convenience you miss. Maybe you’ve felt left out at birthday parties, sleepovers and movie nights too.

Maybe you are tired of having to convince yourself that the gluten free pizza that is out there “really isn’t so bad.”

Well, your pizza problems are over. We have developed a delicious, authentic, New York style, par-baked crust that is entirely gluten free. When we partner with your local restaurant or pizzeria, the result is a delicious and safe solution for Celiacs and others who avoid wheat and gluten, but still want to eat real pizza.

Because we are Gluten Free ourselves, we know that selling a gluten-free pizza crust to restaurants is a larger task than just being a supplier:
We educate the restaurant how to do this safely and successfully. We have a proven method and set-up and can train anyone who is willing.
Our product is made in a 100% Gluten Free facility built by us and used only for this purpose. This takes the risk of preparation out of the hands of the restaurant.

Much of the marketing of this product is done in non-traditional channels, and we have a proven program that works. We are part of the gluten-free community, and know who they are and what they want.

4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pizza Now at The Dons”

  1. The Dons’ Pizza is awesome. It’s, hands-down, the best pizza I’ve had that is gluten free. They get the crust from another company, but their sauce and toppings certainly bring back the pizza experience I used to enjoy (when I used to be able to eat regular dough. The crust looked dark when out came out of the oven (compared to regular pizza crust), but it was perfect.

    Thanks, guys!


  2. Just heard from my kid he saw you have gluten-free pizza! AWESOME…I’ll be checking out your pizza soon then!

  3. I absolutely love getting pizza at the Don’s, but I only found out about it because someone told me that they saw signs for GF pizza crust in the window.
    If you don’t mind increasing the number of customers who are coming for the gluten-free crust rather than the made-on-site dough, get yourselves listed on websites that index GF restaurants — I’m sure there are lots, but here are two that pop up readily on Google and that I’ve tried using to find places to go eat: (there’s no Sterling category)

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